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The following is for all band members, but if this is your first gig with us please make sure you read the text in yellow.


Rehearsals are at the Bismarck High School Band Hall from 7:00-9:00 PM until further notice or unless told otherwise. Directions are below, at the bottom of the page. Click here to see directions. Please note that there are two band halls on campus and go to the appropriate one.

Performance Info

Dress for the monthly dances until further notice: Black polo shirt, black pants, black shoes, black everything.
Dress for New Year's Eve is tuxedos.

You are responsible for bringing a stand light and, except saxophones, a music stand.

Sound check for the monthly Arlington gigs is 2:30 PM, so please be in your spot ready to play.

If this is your first monthly or New Year's Eve Arlington gig with us, be aware that you will more than likely be reading some charts that were not gone over in rehearsal and do your homework accordingly.

Link to the Performance Schedule

Miscellaneous Info

If you are unable to attend a rehearsal or performance, please let me, Bill, not someone else, know in time to arrange for a sub. Please be responsible by getting your music and any other equipment to the sub or to me.

Check with me if you need a sub. We have people eager to work with the group and a waiting list. You must be at 2 of the last 4 rehearsals before a performance, and at 1 of the last 2 rehearsals before a performance to participate in that performance.

If you need to contact me on the day of a performance or rehearsal, please do so by phone call or text--(870) 403-7718. If you email on the day of, I may not get it. Even the day before it's best to call or text.

Subs who are using a regular member's book and also members who will be absent, please be responsible and put the book back in numerical order when you are through with it. This may seem a trivial thing, but it's one of the quickest ways to make a member mad. Since mad members make me sad, I'm less likely to invite non-complying musicians back. If your situation and/or lack of time prohibits your putting the book in order, it's best to let the director or section leader know and ask for help in an obsequious and groveling manner.
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Directions to Bismarck School

11636 Arkansas 84
Bismarck, AR


High School
Go to Bismarck by way of Highway 7 or Highway 84. At the intersection of those two highways (the only red light in town), go west on Highway 84. The turn off for the High School Band Hall is about .6 of a mile west on Highway 84. Go until you see the large sign for the high school on the right (north). Follow the driveway up. After reaching the school building and proceeding around to the right, the band hall will be on the left when you round the first corner.

Middle School
Go to Bismarck by way of Highway 7 or Highway 84. At the intersection of those two highways (the only red light in town), go west on Highway 84. The Middle School Band Hall will be on the right (north) side of the highway a little less than .4 of a mile from the Highway 7-84 intersection and is beside the gym and adjacent to the school bus lot.
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